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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Appointment Reminders Program - Micah Lorenc

Executive Summary

The business for which this project was created is a therapy/counseling company owned and operated by my father, Cameron. Now, saying that it’s a therapy company is an overstatement, since he’s the only employee. He started the business about seven years ago and has since acquired enough clients to fill his schedule with up to five appointments in one business day. His appointments are always made at the end of the current appointment, and while Cameron does have the phone numbers of his clients, he has never been able to call them for reminders because he lacks the time between sessions and administrative activities. The system I’ve built has automated the process of extracting calendar items from Cameron’s Microsoft Outlook calendar and sending a reminder email (with the option to send a reminder text) to each client with an appointment within the window of time determined by Cameron every time he runs the program. A system like this will cost him very little time while giving an increased level of professionalism for his business.

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