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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New York City Apartment Complaint Listing

Executive Summary

A real estate company (name withheld) manages apartment buildings in New York City. When there is an issue with the apartment or building, the tenants have two options. They can tell the building manager or file a complaint with the city. NYC Housing Department files posts the complaint on its website and schedules a visit to review the issue. If a complaint is filed through the city, building managers only know of it through viewing the website or after a visit from a city official.

The company has over 10 apartment buildings it manages. It would be burdensome to check for complaints on the buildings each day as they can be put up at anytime. A subscription to an email notification alert service is also too costly. The company’s employees are often out visiting the buildings and do not have access to the internet when they are out of the office. Also, since new complaints are not filed each day, the time spent manually checking is wasted if there is no new posting. The real estate company wants to know of the complaints before the city’s official visits. This way, any complaints can be resolved and the officials only need to visit once.

The VBA code automates the process to check for complaints. The procedure goes to two websites to check for complaints on all the properties. One website is for apartment specific problems and the other is for general building issues. A complaint history is imported into Excel for each location. The procedure checks for any new complaints and an email is sent with the details. The program can be scheduled to run on a daily basis and even multiple times a day. The real estate company now has a tool to be proactive in resolving tenant complaints.

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