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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CRM Data Entry Segmenation - Chris Brasher


At the start of my internship, I had the daunting task of purging through 50,000 person records and 30,000 company records to add into the brand new CRM database. This consisted of removing duplicates, separating cells using text to columns, switch “dirty” records that had first and last name swapped, and fix company names that were only a couple characters different (ie. “ABC Company, LLC” is different than “ABC Company LLC”). Now that the data is inside the system, we have had a tough time segmenting the data according to the fields we implemented recently. Thus, I wanted to develop a file that the data entry personnel could use to format correct, “clean”, segmented records before they are loaded into the CRM.

Some of the elements include:

  • Copying previous submitted Company Data (Sorted & Unique Records only) in order to speed up telemarketers efficiency
  • Validating various fields in order to qualify the record
  • Segment the data according to the User defined Tables
  • Preparing the Data for CRM import
  • Removing duplicate company names
Project Excel
Project Write-up

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