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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Money Allocator

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I have been serving in the supply section of a unit in the Utah Army National Guard for the past 8 years. The battalion I serve in is divided up into three different companies. Each company within the battalion has a supply sergeant with a debit card for purchases. Most items are ordered in advance, but periodically a supply sergeant may need to make an emergency purchase at a local store. The supply sergeant for the battalion is periodically allocated money; he then allocates that money out to the supply sergeants, who then can spend the money using their cards. The battalion needed a spreadsheet that would keep track of the allocation of money to each company, the transactions occurring for each card, and an up to date balance for each card.

On the first sheet of the spreadsheet the battalion sergeant can view the balance on the cards for each of the three companies (BSC, B, and C companies). On the first sheet there is also a button connected to a form to allocate or remove money from any of the companies. The next three sheets are for each of the company supply sergeants. On each sheet there is a button to input a new transaction including the date, price, purchase description, and quantity. That information is input onto the sheet along with a new transaction number and a purchase total. Another button is on each sheet shows a form to delete a transaction. After any type of entry the balances are updated.

Only one workbook is necessary because all supply sergeants can have access to the workbook on a shared drive on the unit network.

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