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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Financial Markets Update Service - Jason Merrill, Winter 2010

Business school students and business professionals are expected, depending on their position, to keep abreast of financial market values and how those values change over time. The paper version of the Wall Street Journal has a few values of interest at the top of the front page, but they are not comprehensive. Many people rely on the Wall Street Journal website and email alerts and can't be bothered to hunt down values buried within the paper version. Additionally, there are many websites where one can find financial market values, but the user must typically open a browser, navigate to the appropriate website, and then click through many different screens in order to find the values in which he or she may be interested. I have come up with a solution that will aggregate the financial market values of most interest, graph the values that change the most, and then send an email containing the data and graphs to the user based on the user's content and frequency preferences.

Project Write-up
Excel File

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