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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sudoku Solver

Sudoku Solver Executive Summary

Sudoku Solver is intended to be a resource to help people solve Sudoku puzzles that they may be working on. To access the program, the user must open the SudokuSolver.xlsm and click the button “Click to Run Sudoku Solver”, which brings up the Sudoku Solver program. Here the user is prompted to input his/her incomplete Sudoku puzzle.

When finished entering the data, the user simply clicks on the “Solve Sudoku” button to request that the computer complete 1 number on the Sudoku—which is filled in automatically (in a different color) by the computer. The user may enter in numbers as found at any time throughout the solving process.

The logic used by the computer is discussed in the implementation documentation. It is not capable of solving the most difficult of Sudokus, but does succeed in finding some correct numbers before it cannot find anymore. In the event of that happening, the program displays a notice to the user and asks for some help before continuing. It should be stated that the program is advanced enough to solve easy, moderate and a significant number of tricky and difficult Sudokus. In the event that user is not sure of an answer, the user may select a different text color for the computer to use to differentiate new answers, from previous answers. The technique (1-4) used to find a number is also displayed when a number is found.

At any time the user may click the “Clear Sudoku” button and begin anew.

--------Taylor Sandbakken

Program Download

Program Documentation

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