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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Report Generator for a Legacy System


My father is the Director of the Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) Program at the University of Utah (U of U). His department has a web-based data entry application that gathers large amounts of data from clients all over the world. In particular, clients will be asked to complete questionnaires online regarding the mental health symptoms they are experiencing. Although this product meets specific high security demands, it is narrowly focused on the gathering and transmitting of data securely. It does not meet the complete needs of either my father’s department, or the host agencies from which the information is gathered. The program fails their needs in the following ways:

· Responses are not immediately compared to population specific normative data

· No appropriate diagnostic calculations are made

· No reports are generated that can be viewed or printed out immediately by the agency clinicians.

My project solves the above problems and adds additional scope that was not originally stated in my proposal. I implemented a program that automatically obtains data from the data-entry program, and then make the appropriate analyses and calculations needed to generate reports. The program allows researchers to customize the calculations for different psychological assessments, make comparisons with different populations, and then generate agency-specific reports. In particular, my program has the following features that fulfill all of the requirements of this project based on my approved proposal:

· takes in specific responses from the data entry program

· Report generator is dynamic and new tests can be added at any time

· calculate scores for different sub-categories of questions based upon the specific mental-health assessments being used

· compare those score against population-specific normative tables and determine if they fall beyond or within specific cut-off points

· generates narrative report with recommended diagnoses and treatment possibilities based upon the test and combination of obtained scores and cut-off points

· Reports are generated in html format for easy viewing and printing.

· Depending on the test, graphs are generated for the report

Added Scope beyond what was required:

· note creating ability for clinicians to easily add notes to a patient’s file

· excel ribbon button to easily start up the program

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