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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

US Army APFT score calculator and automated Counseling Forms - Riley Anderson - 2010

Executive Summary

The purpose of this project is to automate and facilitate the counseling of United States Army soldiers who do not pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). The project is designed to be used on a battery or company level. The project consists of 5 functions and three subroutine procedures (subs). The US Army must insure that its members are physically capable in case they are sent into a combat situation. The fitness level of each soldier is tested regularly through the administration of an APFT. When soldiers cannot meet the minimum requirement they should be counseled promptly in order to correct the deficiencies. This creates a problem because leadership rarely has the time to provide the necessary counseling. It has become commonplace for soldiers in the military to fail the APFT and receive no counseling at all. This application is designed to help leadership insure that APFT failures are being counseled in a prompt timely manner.

This excel-based application contains a list of all the soldiers in the company. It allow the end user to enter the raw score APFT data for each soldier. Once the data is entered the application will calculate the score for each soldier and identify any soldiers who have failed to meet the army standard. The raw score is simply the number of push-ups, sit-ups, and the 2-mile run time. This number is then converted to a real score using APFT conversion charts that take into account the age and gender of the soldier. The conversion charts have been built into this model.

After the application generates scores it uses a template of DA form 4856 (developmental counseling form) in order to quickly generate counseling statements for all the soldiers who have failed to meet the minimum required standard.

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