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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Report System for The Pendulum Court

Executive Summary

Business Description

The Pendulum Court in the Eyring Science Center is a restaurant managed and run by dietetics students. The restaurant, while successful at training its students and providing high-quality food for affordable prices, did not have a viable system to record daily production and sales and generate reports that were useful to the managers. The spreadsheet presented here will be used each semester to record production and sales and generate reports to show the activity for the semester.

Purpose of System

I set out to create this system with the following goals in mind.

· Attractive and intuitive user interface

· Able to be maintained and updated by those with little exposure to Excel and data validation and controls around the data-entry

· Able to generate reports at any time and provide a snapshot of weekly activity

Overview of System

The system is a series of worksheets built on a similar template with hyperlink navigation that allows the user to jump from sheet to sheet without realizing that they are simply changing worksheets. Within each week, each day can be opened separately or hidden and the detail can be summarized or hidden by the click of a button.

The data entry has many data validation controls built in that allow even an inexperienced user to use the spreadsheet and the system still maintains the integrity of the data. After the user enters the data, they click a button that submits the data to a database from which reports can be generated. When they submit, the interface produces a checkmark next to the day to show that the data was updated successfully. If anything is changed, the checkmark is erased as well as the corresponding data on the database so that the user will be prompted to resubmit complete data. Reports can then be generated from the numerous metrics measured each day and week.


Excel File

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