These are projects posted by the students of Dr. Gove Allen at Brigham Young University. These students have taken one semester-long course on VBA and generally have had no prior programming experience

Friday, April 9, 2010

MemoSend - Danny Patterson, Winter 2010

MemoSend has been created to fit the needs of multiple organizations and businesses, as well as small groups or families wanting to use it for personal reasons.

MemoSend is a program coded in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) designed to enable users to send out mass text and email messages. The idea was thought of after a realization that church groups continually perform the same regular and inefficient routine tasks of cutting out hand-out flyers and physically walking around to every apartment building to deliver them on EVERY door. This is time consuming, not to mention that not every roommate even sees the announcement before the event expires.

This program enables users to create & save lists of contact groups and then pull up saved lists from the past to send messages to. The saved lists are stored as text files within the folder or path that the workbook is stored under. Phone number format verification testing is performed and adjusted appropriately so it may be used to identify the initial phone carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, ect...) the device was purchased with. Logical statements are thrown throughout to identify the specific addresses needed in order to send a text message via a simple email message.

MemoSend Program
Project Write-up

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