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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Textbook List Price Aggregator by Adam Cuppett

Anyone who has purchased books from the BYU Bookstore knows how expensive textbooks can be. With the advent of the Internet and online bookstores like and, students now have an alternative to the ridiculous prices offered at the BYU Bookstore. There are many websites that sell books themselves from their own inventories and also offer an online medium for others to sell their new and used books to the public. The challenge is that going though multiple websites and building a spreadsheet of all the options can be very tedious and time consuming. I have created a program that will drastically decrease the time required to build a robust price list. In fact, all you need to do is enter a BYU Route Y Net ID, a valid password, and the semester or term for which you will be buying books and the rest is done for you.

This program will take all the dirty work associated with finding the best prices. The video below shows how this software works. The last four minutes shows the different error handling procedures.

The Write Up

The Textbook List Price Aggregator

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