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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Awesome Adobe Automation

Executive Summary

The Circumstance:
I am currently the newest manager in the Strategic Solution Group at Adobe Systems. We provide Strategic Value Assesments (SVA) for enterprise - class clients who are preparing to spend millions for the Omniture Online Business Optimization Suite. These SVA's provide clients with information and recommendations on how to close the gap between their current efforts and those online strategies that are employed by "best in class" organizations. Part of my many enagagement responsibilities is to match our clients with potential strategic partnerships that may offer valuable services and technological advantages which have strategic impact. In order to discover such potential partnerships, I must manage and dive deep into a wildly robust database (hundreds of partners, dozens of worksheets) for Adobe Systems. Therefore, I chose to focus on automating the process of matching potential partners with enterprise SVA clients.

The System:
I built a series of user forms that could search the database workbook for the top ten partners for five client development areas. I then programmed the ability to automatically create a new client worksheet that was auto populated with the query results. The results that would be delivered would be the partner name, partnership status, and the relevant technology / service to be proposed to the client. This new worksheet was programmed to be auto-formatted so that once the code was enacted, the new client worksheet had a populated, formatted table with which any Solution Strategy Manager could pursue next steps.

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