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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

U.S. Treasury TARP Report Generator - Ryan Wood - Winter 2010

Last Fall, I completed an internship at the United States Department of the Treasury where I was a member of the TARP team charged with analyzing applications from over 650 financial institutions for preferred equity under the Capital Purchase Program. Part of my duties included designing and maintaining an excel-based information system to record and track all applications including the amount requested and the amount disbursed. I started out using index functions, but after 50 or so applications the spreadsheet began to slow considerably. I spent a considerable amount of time producing such reports and a VBA-based solution would have saved our team a tremendous amount of time.

For my project, I put together a series of user forms which any end-user with a basic understanding of how Microsoft Excel works can interact with to produce dynamic reports of amounts from various investment committee meetings.
I presented my former colleagues with my project and they are now using it to track and manage Treasury’s investments which total nearly $100 billion to save time and resources to produce the reports that in the past took hours to produce now take only a matter of seconds.

Here is my report
Here is my project

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