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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sales Agent Scorecard Generation for Integra Telecom


Integra Telecom, a telecommunications service provider, has a Sales Agent Scorecard that they generate every month from the data in their Microsoft Access database. The Scorecard itself is a Microsoft Excel file that is formatted in a very particular way – a way that can’t automatically be done from Access. Thus, every month, a long, tedious process is undertaken to export the data and format it properly.


This project imbedded the automation tools required to generate that Excel report (with the proper formatting) using a button located within the database. The user only needs to select the month the report needs to be generated for, and the location of the final Excel file. The code takes care of all the following actions:

· Exporting

· Formatting

· Rearranging

· File-naming

· Saving

· Clean-up

Full Report
Project File

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