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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

S & J Investments

Executive Summary

Background & Problem

For 30 years S & J Investments has been managing rental properties along the Wasatch front. Prior to this project, the owner was tracking revenue and expenses loosely on a yellow note pad. When I say loosely I mean there was no counting of each penny earned or penny spent. The tracking of money was more of a guess than anything else.  There was no data to show tenant payment history, expense history, or year-end totals. This was not a problem until April came around and taxes were due. Another problem was that there was no cost analysis of previous years because there was no reliable history of revenue/expenses.


The solution I created is an Excel workbook that eliminates the problem of not documenting revenue and expense. Each sheet in the workbook is dedicated to a single property. Each sheet is formatted to differentiate between revenue and expenses. It uses user forms to allow the user to enter monthly revenue and monthly expenses. The expenses are categorized according to the year-end total necessary for taxes. It also gives the user the option to delete data by month or for the entire sheet.  The following list shows major components of the solution:

  • ·      Track Revenue by month
  • ·      Track Expense by month
  • ·      User forms to enter data
  • ·      User forms to clear data
  • ·      Data Graphs

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