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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

CapSim Market Share Analysis

My project was to build a tool to assist students participating in the CapSim online capstone program in making decisions. CapSim (short for Capstone Simulation) is a simulated market place in which different companies compete in a marketplace for one product. Decisions include how to position your products, how much to market them, how much to produce, to how to finance operations.

 After uploading your decisions, all variables are run through algorithms to appropriate market share across the industry. A summary page is then made available in the form of a “Capstone Courier” containing the market results and standing of each company. The reports are usually 15 pages.

My project involves consolidating all these couriers into a workbook then summarizes a few key indicators for the market. The workbook has a ribbon with two buttons, one to import PDFs, and another to perform a market share allocation calculation.

To use this workbook, users would create a folder in the same location as the workbook named “Couriers” to store downloaded Capstone Courier summaries. They would then update the segment information as listed in the “Industry Conditions” Sheet. The workbook is then ready to import and analyze data. The user should work on the dashboard, inputting estimates for how their competitors will behave, then press the calculate button to receive estimates for how their behavior will shape market distribution.

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