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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fantasy Football Analysis

Executive Summary
            Fantasy football is a game of statistics that has been steadily growing since the mid 1990’s and hit a recent boom in the mid 2000’s.  The point of fantasy football is to pick real players from the NFL and then insert them into your lineup.  You play against other teams in your league, and you get points based on how well your real life player plays.  Methods of analyzing fantasy players, strategies, and statistics have grown and changed with the industry.  One of the more recent developments is Fantasy Points Allowed (FPA), which measures the amount of fantasy points that a real life defense allows a certain position.  By keeping track of these numbers, one should (in theory) be able to make better choices on what players to play based on their schedule.
            The system that I built takes the average of the FPA of all the defenses in relation to position, and compares those numbers to the actual points gained by a player in a game.  The purpose of this system is to evaluate if the player being analyzed had a good, average, or poor game compared to the defense he was playing against.  The system does this by getting the FPA numbers from online as well as a list of the top 50 quarterbacks, top 50 running backs, top 50 wide receivers, and top 50 tight ends (most leagues only start 12 quarterbacks, 12 tight and ends and anywhere from 24-36 running backs and 24-36 wide receivers – the point is that we have more than enough players for the analyses).  Then the system gets the specific player’s statistics, compares his numbers to the defense, and then decides whether it was a good, average, or poor game.

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