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Monday, April 15, 2013

Fantasy Basketball League Analysis

Every year I play fantasy sports throughout the year. The sport that I enjoy the most and know the most about is basketball, so this year I joined a dynasty-type league. The league is patterned after the NBA, so you “sign” players to contracts for multiple years and have a salary cap and the whole deal. It is a little more involved than the normal one year league. I decided to make a worksheet that I can use to analyze how my team is doing compared to the rest of the teams as well as see where I can improve. Currently the project will only work with my Yahoo league, but it could easily be altered to work for another Yahoo league, or, with a little more work, for another website altogether.

There are three different features (buttons) available:

1. Refresh Data – The stats for all the players on each team are brought into the workbook from Yahoo. Each team’s totals are added up and compared to the other teams and ranked in each stat category as well as across all categories. A user form allows the user to choose a team, which then generates how that team matches up against every other team individually. A separate sheet shows the data from the last time it was refreshed to compare the changes in your team’s performance.

2. Trade – A user form enables the user to choose two teams and an equal number of players from each team. A new sheet is added that shows the team stat totals with the players switched so that the trade’s effects can be analyzed.

3. Analyze Matchup – A user form allows the user to select two teams and the current week number of the season. The user can then see how he would have done against that team for each week of the season in each category as well as overall. The totals for each category are summed to determine which categories are closest and should be focused on.

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