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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Novarad SOW Document Creator

Novarad Statement of Work Document Creator

Executive Summary

The Company

Novarad Corporation creates PACS and RIS software to manage radiology software.  PACS is a type of software to receive and edit radiology images from various modalities for Radiologists and techs to analyze.  RIS software is management software to manage office appointments, patient information, and other office tasks.

The Project

When a customer is interested in pursuing a new PACS and RIS system an extensive fact finding task must begin in order for proper estimates of project time, scope, and amounts to be given to the customer.  The difficulty in this fact finding task is that there are many things to be kept track of, and no set template for what to fill out once the information is gathered.  A worksheet was created that will guide the project managers and sales reps in asking questions point by point to gain all of the necessary information to create a SOW, or statement of work, for the new project.  After this excel sheet has been filled out the information must somehow make it to a Word Document Template.  I have created a module that automatically transfers information from the excel template to the word document.  In addition to the transfer of data to the word document data is taken from the excel sheet put into the costs sheet.  The sub procedure then calculates all of the costs in this sheet give the company an estimate of the cost of the project.  The last portion of this project is sending the completed word document to the customer email which will be input by the project manager. 
This project features two buttons:
1. Transfer Data- This button transfers the data from the completed excel template and sends it to the word document.  In addition to the transferring of data it formats the text going to the word document it formats tables 1-2 to delete any row that was not altered because some rows may not have been formatted.
2. Send SOW- This button sends the SOW to the customer so they can receive a copy of the word document as soon as the project managers have completed all fact finding.  

Download the Project Write Up

Download the Excel Project

Adam Sayer

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