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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Automated Class Scheduler

One of the most time-consuming, monotonous, and frustrating tasks that BYU students have to do each semester is figure out their class schedule for the new semester.  Students must first identify the mandatory courses remaining for their major or minor, their remaining GEs, and any fun courses.  Then, students have to navigate a labyrinth of drop-down menus in Route Y to find the scheduled times for each course and section.  After all of these steps, students can then finally piece together a possible schedule.  After organizing my schedule like this for almost four years, I decided to address the last step of this process: piecing together a potential schedule.  Therefore, the automated class schedule directs the student to the recommended course schedule for the student’s major from the Major Academic Plan (MAP), allows students to enter a list of classes they would like to take in a given semester, and then produces a potential class schedule for students.  Given this use, the project is not intended for a specific organization but rather to BYU students as a whole.

 Below are the files related to my project:

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