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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sean Swenson

Natural Gas Workbook

Executive Summary

Transfuels LLC is a company building up the U.S. Natural Gas Infrastructure. We build Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) stations, thus allowing diesel Semi-Trucks to switch to natural gas. There are two problems we are facing as we build LNG stations. A) The price of Natural Gas is relatively volatile and fluctuates around the U.S. and B) We must build our stations close enough to a liquefaction plant to guarantee supply.

This Workbook is designed to facilitate 5 simple processes
1.      Log into a secure website using credentials and extract daily natural gas data
2.      Use simple tools to compare daily gas prices to historical prices to assist in portfolio management
3.      Email reports indicating that the status of Pricing updates
4.      Geocode Longitudinal and Latitudinal Coordinates of addresses
5.      Use addresses to locate the nearest Liquefied Natural Gas supply point and indicate feasibility.

All Five of these functions can be located under the Natural Gas Tab. They are fairly simply to use and will save my company lots of time when planning where to build their next station as well as when to change their natural gas portfolio.

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