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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Download and Use Updated Actuarial Tables

Executive Summary

          For the actuarial industry, actuarial tables are very important references to calculations and outcome predictions. IRS updates actuarial tables and references on its website and actuaries have to go to its website to download the tables they need in separate workbooks. The process can be really time-consuming if an actuary needs different tables at the same time and need to compare rates among different tables. Also, each table contains information of several interest rates across different ages and years. Considered their huge sizes and complications, actuarial tables are hard to read and locate needed information. This final project will make it more convenient for actuarial firms and actuaries to download actuarial tables from the web, and help them to read tables and locate values more easily with a “Find and Highlight” function. In the end, the workbook also provides a simple way to delete all the unwanted downloaded sheets from the workbook.

PDF Write-up:
Excel Workbook:

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