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Friday, April 12, 2013

Interview Simulator

Most of the people who go to college have one goal: get a good job. In order to obtain a good job, a student needs work experience, good grades, and extra-curricular activities. However, none of these qualifications are useful if a student cannot communicate well. The ability of an employee to communicate clearly and effectively is invaluable to employers. This skill is primarily assessed and evaluated during the interview process.

In an interview, job candidates are asked varied questions. The recruiter judges the communication skills of a potential employee by how well they respond to these questions. In an effort to assist students in preparing for interviews, I have created an interview simulator. This simulator performs a few key functions to help students prepare for job interviews:

1. Asks a wide variety of questions, covering areas such as job experience, extra-curricular activities, and personal issues

2. Allows someone not trained in interviewing (a friend, spouse, etc.) to help the student prepare for a successful job interview

3. Enables students to save their responses to the questions in order to review and improve their responses

4. Allows students to save questions to a “My Favorites” section. This section can be used for questions with which students struggle, or questions with which students want more practice

5. Questions and answers can be exported to both a spreadsheet and a text file for future use and review

This interview simulator has over 500 questions gathered from a wide variety of sources. Since most companies are moving to a more “behavioral” style of interview, the interviewer has over 300 behavioral interview questions. By using this interview simulator, especially with a friend or relative asking the questions, students will be able to better prepare for interviews, improve their communication skills, and obtain better jobs.

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