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Monday, April 15, 2013

Tax Ninja!

Executive Summary

As a Tax Accounting student, I have come across several tedious tasks in working on tax projects that take a long time and are very repetitive. I think that in a service industry like accounting, automation is key, because it allows employees to spend their time building client relationships and performing other duties requiring personal interaction. I also think that accountants work more effectively when their projects are organized. Tax research websites generally require a lot of “clicking,” which is frustrating when you know exactly what you need. I decided to create a program that accomplishes three purposes that solve the aforementioned issues: Project Management, Internal Revenue Code Research, and Downloading IRS Tax Forms. My program is called Tax Ninja (due to its stealthy and quick features).

1. Project Management: Tax Ninja keeps a list of projects the user is working on. The user can add notes to a project, and add, archive or delete projects.

2. IRC Research: With any project selected, Tax Ninja allows the user to look up an Internal Revenue Code section, and add it to the project folder. (This process accesses the internet and creates a customized .pdf file containing the code section text.)

3. Downloading IRS Tax Forms: Again, with a project selected, the user can look up an IRS tax form by number, and the Tax Ninja will display a list of forms that contain the form number. The user can then see the description of a selected form, and click the “Add Form” button. The program then downloads the form from the IRS website and puts it in the project folder.

Users can also use the “Quick Tasks” section of the “Tax Tools” ribbon tab to download reading material or forms that will not be associated with a project.

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