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Friday, April 12, 2013

Financial Mathematics Problem Generator

The BYU Statistics Department’s Actuarial Science division provides preparation courses for 4 of the Society Of Actuaries (SOA) Exams. My task was to write a program that would generate sample problems that were representative of the actual FM/2 exam (Financial Mathematics).

The program that I wrote generates sample problems that appear on a userform in Excel. The user checks the option that they think is the answer and submits their answers at the end. After which, they receive a score on how well they performed.

A special feature is the “New Numbers” feature (button) on the userform. When the user clicks the button, new parameters will be generated for the same problem. This is a useful feature because there are only a limited number of practice problems available for the FM/2 exam. With different parameters, the user (exam candidate) can redo the same problem to learn and review the technique required to solve the problem without knowing the answer beforehand.

The “New Numbers” feature appears to serve it’s purpose - even I get the wrong answer sometimes when I take the quiz!

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