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Monday, April 15, 2013

Title Of Liberty Press CRM

Executive Summary

My dad started a publishing company called Title of Liberty Press. He sells books through different distribution channels, mostly online websites. In order to make sure all orders are fulfilled in a timely manner, he regularly checks the different websites to see if new orders have arrived. Because he uses a variety of distribution channels (different websites), he does not have a master list of customers and there is no way to know how much money he is making or other important business information.

The program is designed to pull information from the internet and input the information in an Access database. The system will log in to Amazon’s Seller central and pull all orders from the past 7 days. If these orders do not currently exist in the database or the status has changed since an order was entered into the database, my program will pull the customer and detailed order info put it in the database. Next, the program will pull orders from and insert new orders into the database.

With the database up-to-date, there are several queries that the user can run to facilitate decision making. There are 3 default queries available and the ability to create additional queries if desired. The 3 default queries are: 1. Orders to be Shipped, 2. Customer List, 3. Sales Data (with a pivot table created to make it easy to analyze the sales information). I recognize that the user may want to run other queries on the data, so the last button on the ribbon displays the list of available queries contained in the access database. 

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