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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Work Activity Tracker VBA


An activity tracking system in the form of an Excel 2010 macro-enabled Workbook that tracks work performed and tasks accomplished for Quality Monitoring employees of the Global Service Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


1.   Business the System Targets


i.     Quality Monitoring (QM) Team of a Call Center operation. QM Team personnel evaluate quality of service delivered to customers calling, emailing, or chatting with Customer Service Representatives (CSR) of the LDS Church’s Global Service Center (GSC).

ii.   The Call Recording / Quality Monitoring system produces statistics and performance measures of CSRs based on evaluations performed by the QM Team. However, it does not track performance of the QM Team evaluators.

iii. QM Team personnel track their activities and various KPIs manually. These items are reported to GSC management with various manually compiled weekly, monthly, and yearly reports.


2.   Reporting Mechanisms the System will Facilitate


i.     Accountability and Talent Improvement (ATI) HR employee performance measures:

1.   The ATI system tracks annual accountability objectives and talent improvement goals agreed upon by employees and management.

2.   Annual report to management measures level of completion.

3.   Monthly progress is reported to direct supervisors through the ATI system.

ii.   Weekly findings report emailed to direct supervisor:

1.   Progress towards monthly quotas of call evaluations performed

2.   An account of daily work activity

3.   Monthly activity summation on the month-ending week


3.   Efficiency Improvements the System will Implement


i.     Quick and simple recording of the following daily activities:

1.   Time spent on specific work activities

2.   Tagging of Call Evaluations that are candidates for COA submissions

3.   Time spent on completion of ATI objective elements

ii.   Storage of recorded statistics and activities that will allow easy compilation and formatting of the following reports:

1.   Sending of weekly email reports

2.   ATI monthly Progress Notes

3.   Preparation of AIT annual report


4.   General System Functionality and Features


i.     Excel Workbook would be opened at the beginning of a work day and remain open and available for use throughout the day

ii.   User Interface:

1.   Customized Ribbon

2.   Main User Form

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