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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sales Report Generator

Executive Summary
I work as a student accountant for an on-campus department, BYU Guest Services. As a student accountant, my two main tasks consist of billing other departments for the hours worked by our staff and distributing income to the appropriate departments for whom we cashier. Our current system for billing the departments suffices for the time being, but our systems that deal with reconciling ticket sales are somewhat lacking.

My project consisted of first, developing a standardized report spreadsheet that would only require slight modifications to fit the needs of the many different departments, and then automating certain functions of the report to increase our efficiency of getting these reports to the appropriate departments. Some of the specific features of this automated report include a custom Ribbon labeled “Reports” from which the user can select which report they wish to generate. Additionally, a generic report template allows the user to select the length of a generic event for which we sell tickets, and then select from a database the stored information regarding the event and department.  

Upon selecting the appropriate event, relevant fields are auto-populated and then all the user has to do is input the tickets sold that day. The report spreadsheet also includes macro-enabled buttons which allow the user to auto-fill the spreadsheet with information from a different event, create a new event that can be stored for future use, or modify an existing event without having to interface with the database.  A user-form facilitates these changes.

Finally, upon completion of a report, the user simply clicks a “Print Report” button which selects the appropriate print region (not printing the reconciliation history used for our own department’s accounting) and prints the report to a PDF document ready to send to the customer.

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