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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Elections Office Task Sheets

Executive Summary

The project I created was made for the elections office in Idaho Falls, ID. For every election, the manager has to create a list of responsibilities for each of her employees to accomplish during the times before, during, and after the election. In the past, she has tried to do this by simply referencing certain cells on a master list. However, this has caused a few different issues for her when creating her employee task sheets. If she ever needed to add something to the master list, she would add it to the bottom of the list. When she did this, the list would no longer be alphabetized, and if she re-sorted all of the responsibilities on the master list, it would ruin all of the task sheets she had already created due to the way she was referencing cells. 

To solve this problem she stopped sorting them alphabetically, but she then found that she would duplicate responsibilities on the master list because they were located in different areas. This led to more inefficiency when delegating tasks, and ultimately it led to a master list that was very difficult to maintain and to understand. 

To improve this process for the elections office, I created a series of user forms that would allow the user to manipulate and change all of the employee's task sheets  from anywhere within the workbook. It allows her to add, remove, and change duties on all of their task sheets as well as comparing duties of different employees. It also allows the user to edit and change the master list without destroying its integrity. Because of the way I created these forms, it solves all of the problems the manager was having with her employee task sheets and the master list. It also makes the process much more efficient, and allows the manager to instead spend time doing more important things. 

Included below is a link to the workbook containing these user forms as well as a link to the full executive summary further explaining the features of the user forms and the project in general. 

Project -
Write Up -

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