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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BYU Treasury Services

Executive Summary

The business I did my project for was BYU Treasury Services, where I currently work. BYU Treasury Services provides deposit processing and change delivery services for many departments around campus. These departments email us their change orders every morning, and they also enter their deposit information into our online cashiering system. Every morning, we spend the better part of an hour getting that information from these email attachments and our online system and consolidating that information onto our spreadsheet by hand. This is a long and tedious process, and one that I decided I could make easier through automation.

The system I built consists of seven different procedures. There are two main procedures. The first signs onto our online cashiering system, imports some data into Excel, sorts it, and puts it into the appropriate spots on our spreadsheet. The other takes all of the email attachments we get, prints them, imports the data from them into our spreadsheet, and closes them. The other five procedures automate simpler tasks, such as saving the template in the correct folder with the current date as the name, selecting from a dropdown list which departments have no deposit that day, and printing out the several sheets from the workbook at once.

Because of this project, the amount of time that we spend filling in our spreadsheet every morning has decreased significantly. What used to take more than 30 minutes now just requires clicking a few buttons.

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