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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Improvement on Y-Time For the Benefit of BYU Students


For many BYU students who have jobs in school, clocking in and out is a necessity for them to record their hours and get paid. I am one of these students. Computer solves the problem for us to clock in/out anywhere we are. However, one problem with the current system is that we might happen to clock in twice or more. If we accidentally click on the clocking in/out button twice, our timesheet will show us an error. 

The tool I build with VBA helps us solve this problem. It prevents the user to clock in again if the current user is already clocked in, and likewise for the case of clocking out. Once the user enters his or her name through a form from Excel, the information will be passed to Y-Time and it will take care of clocking in/out for the user. 

In addition to that, this form saves the trouble for user to move from pages to pages of timesheet to get the data of how many hours of work he/she has done from a specific period. All the user has to do is to enter the start date and end date for that period and click on “Get Time”.

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