These are projects posted by the students of Dr. Gove Allen at Brigham Young University. These students have taken one semester-long course on VBA and generally have had no prior programming experience

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Clark Cannon Mortgage Rates

Final Project: Real Estate Investment Analyzer Introduction. My dad works for a company called City First Mortgage. City 1st is a middleman for selling loans to investors as well as a financier for real estate. In order to comply with regulations and the level of detail involved in approving loans and investments the company has purchased a subscription to the service “Optimal Blue” (OB). OB is a cloud service where an employee will log into the service while sitting down with a potential investor. Company Information. City 1st Mortgage was originally established with $200 by founding Principal Gerret Van Wagoner. City 1st has been in the business of residential and construction lending since its establishment in 1993 and is headquartered in Bountiful, Utah and has over 7 branches around the US. City 1st business activities include: originating and funding residential mortgage loans, soliciting, placing/negotiating residential mortgage loans with other lenders, and rendering services related to origination and funding residential mortgage loans such as— telemarketing, underwriting, taking applications, obtaining verifications and appraisals, and communicating with the borrower. Current Process and Problem. To qualify investors and pull eligible products from the real estate database the loan officer will need a great deal of information. During this process the mortgage broker will take down the investors personal information and input the criteria into excel. Following his entry into excel he will transfer the data into Optimal Blue and then submit the request on the webpage. Following the request he will be returned with anywhere from 0 to 50 “eligible products” the investor is qualified to invest in. Next the broker needs to transfer the data into excel to perform a mortgage analysis on the customer in order to reveal the true cost and potential of the product as it relates to the client’s needs. The analysis is performed in a spreadsheet (which my project is done with) where he plugs in client and product values and a series of overly referenced cells returns some data to help him educate the client. Overview of Project. My proposal is to create a template for the loan officer to enter in the investors criteria that is required when using Optimal Blue to return eligibility and product information. In the ribbon there will be a button that will log into Optimal Blue with the users credentials, they will be directed to an investor entry form, the program will take the data from excel, input the data into the entry screen in Optimal Blue and then submit the criteria. Optimal blue will return a page containing eligible products, the program will then click on the second tab in the window for a better visual of the products info. The program will then import all the eligible products in a sheet called “NewRate”. The program will take the poorly formatted data in “NewRate” and output a clean organized version into the sheet “Input Form” where the investor and loan officer can review investment opportunities and ultimately close more sales from the increased efficiency of obtaining critical information.



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