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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Young Women's Lists & Reminder Texts

Executive Summary:
My mom is Young Women’s President in my home ward.  A few months ago, at the beginning of the semester, I was home and she was having me help her with creating a class list. She has zero familiarity with excel, so even trying to teach her about cells was difficult! I knew I could build some code that would make this process so much easier for her!

I decided to create a UserForm to easily input all the data she wanted to track: First name, last name, address, birthday, cell phone number, and email address. The form also auto-populates when the form is filled out for easy editing.  Second, I created text reminders with an editable message.  She plans to use this feature mostly for mutual reminders. The email function works properly as well and can be easily implemented if needed. Lastly, I created a button that would ask for class – Laurel, MiaMaid, or Beehive – and create a class list based on the selection. 

I showed my mom a rough draft of the project over the weekend and she was thrilled! I believe this tool will alleviate some of the organizational stress my mom encounters.  It can also be a working tool for me to develop other aspects as she sees the need.

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