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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Walt Disney World Planning - Adam Larsen


When planning a trip to Walt Disney World, you want to have an idea of where you will be going and when. There are multiple parks to choose from with a variety of attractions, and the hours of the parks vary as well. It is helpful to know ahead of time what the hours will be as well as if any attractions will be closed. This can have a significant impact on when you may want to visit and where you want to go each day of your trip. 

My project gives you the opportunity to see what the schedule will look like on the days that you are planning so that you can decide whether or not that is the optimal time. The user enters when they are going and for how many days, and then the report will bring back the hours of each park, whether or not they have extended hours for resort guests on each day, and any attraction or dining closures on each day. With this information, the user can decide if they do want to visit those days and then begin to make a plan for which parks they will visit on each day and what time they can/will visit.

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