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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Daniel Oliveira: Current Events

Executive Summary
              This VBA project is inspired in the current events project posted on the VBA projects blog. The blog can be accessed on and the original description for this project, as well as the original solution, are available under the title “Current Events!” in the 2015 subdivision.
              We all know that in business it is essential to be aware of the most recent facts and events around the world. These events can change companies’ strategies, deals, and impact the decision making in all enterprises. Business leaders have to find a way to learn about those events so that they can use the information in their daily jobs.
              At the same time, all the demands of the modern life creates a challenge to stay current with the events around us. There are some many responsibilities in people’s lives that even taking a short pause to read the news is something really hard to remember and to do.
              The proposed VBA project will help people to get the current news from two of the most important sources in the market (The Wall Street Journal and The Economist) by automatizing the access and sending the headline of the publications to the user via email. The excel spreadsheet will also set up an automatic time to process the solution every day, so that people can get the daily news in their inbox with no additional effort.
              Since The Wall Street Journal and The Economist are restricted to subscribers, this project will use BYU library privileges to download the news and the user will have to provide a valid BYU ID and password to complete the access.

              By using this VBA solution the user will be able to keep current with the main events happening around the world.

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