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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Riley Preslar MBA 614 Final Project Executive Summary

Executive Summary

This program was not developed for a specific business but instead for anyone of any profession that needs to memorize facts. I am currently a student at Brigham Young University. During the course of my studies and while completing internships I have found it necessary to memorize many facts and random items of knowledge. This program is intended for students and professionals in any area of business that need to memorize facts in a quick and effective method. This program could also be used by someone preparing to enter a trivia contest because it is able to generate random questions from Wikipedia articles.

This program has two major functions:
Function 1: quizzing based on study notes. This program allows students to take notes in Microsoft excel and then quiz themselves on the definition. Studies have shown that rote memorization is highly ineffective and results in almost immediate loss of knowledge. The method implemented by this program involves typing the complete name of a given definition which is much more effective in retaining the information.
Function 2: random fact quizzing. Even more impressive, is the capability of this program to generate quiz questions on random facts pulled from This is an enjoyable way of broadening one’s knowledge base and practicing memorization techniques.

Overview of System
The program utilizes the following concepts:
§  Ribbon Customization
§  Custom Userforms
§  Data import from the internet
§  Web query and HTML conversion
§  Webpage manipulation
§  Custom functions
§  Working with defined ranges and objects
§  Manipulating dynamic arrays
§  Complex vba functions such as ubound, split, and mid
§  Parsing of complex web pages
§  Loops and nested loops

Basis for the Project

This project was inspired by the website which creates virtual flashcards based on study notes. Further inspiration came after watching the TV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire and wondering how contestants would prepare for questioning among various topics. If you have ever considered competing in a trivia gameshow then this program is for you.


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