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Monday, April 11, 2016

Personal Stock Tracking Tool

Executive Summary

      This past semester I set out to learn about how to trade stock and I quickly realized two things. First, stock data is scattered all over the internet which makes it hard to manage the stock that I purchase because I have to navigate to multiple sites in order to check different numbers concerning the same stock ticker. Second, many students, even graduate students, in the business school don’t know the basics of stock market trading.

     The purpose of my project is to help students and employees of businesses, who don’t know much about investing, to become more familiar with the stock market and to provide an easy to use tool that will save them time and effort in stock management. Instead of having to navigate to multiple websites to gather information on a single stock, they can simply type in their stock tickers, click “Get Summary”, and have a majority of their portfolio’s information right in front of them. This tool can be used by any individual at home or at work if their work requires them to analyze stock data.

The links to my files are listed below:
(A side note. The images in the xlsm file will not appear until the program has been run.) 

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