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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Around the World in a Bajillion Loops - Lee Chang & Henry Tran

Around the World in a Bajillion Loops - A Tale of an IS Final 

Introduction & Executive Summary 

Using online ticket finding webpages can be a hassle. Annoying advertisements harass the user. Only one search destination is allowed at a time. Lots of scrolling, re-inputting information is required. We created a program that makes vacation planning easier by cutting down the unnecessary interactions the user has with websites and provides the same information in a streamlined manner. Despite the exciting title, the actual write-up is pretty dry, be warned! The project has two portions:

The first portion provides a user input form to allow a user to quickly compare up to five routes that they would like to travel to. The program finds the price range, and the span of airlines that service that route. It utilizes a large range of arrays to do so. (range of arrays, get the word play? Had to use it!)

Living Costs

Each country’s living standards and daily expenses are different. For a user with a budget, knowing the real time cost of staying in a country is important. This portion of the project allows the user to input a country of interest and returns the cost of living there. The results includes information such as housing cost, food cost, transportation cost, entertainment costs, etc.

A Project by Lee Chang & Henry Tran

The Plane (Excel File)

The Safety-Manual-You-Never-Read-On-The-Plane-Only-If-Your're-Really-Bored (The Write-up)

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