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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kylie Wiser's Bond Charts and Lead List Generator

Executive Summary
Vivint Inc is a company that is in the smart home technology market. Vivint Inc supplies a variety of services to its customers to help make the customers’ lives easier and safer, such as home security, energy management, home automation, local cloud storage, and high-speed Internet solutions.\

Weekly, the Director of Treasury looks up current bond data on FRED and manually types in the date, YTW, STW, and calculates the price for Vivint Inc’s bond charts. I added the “Pull New Data” tab, which pulls the bond data from FRED, adds calculations and formatting to the pulled data, adds it to the bond charts, sorts the data from newest to oldest, and calculates the price of the bonds.

Meta is a brand new company that engages in fundraising for institutions like schools. It fundraises by having people go door-to-door with brochures of options of services that people may be in need of. If the potential customer is in need of any of the options in the brochures, they check the box. By selecting options, the potential customers are acknowledging that they are aware that their names will be sold to businesses, so that the business can contact them in the future. The proceeds from selling the local businesses the names of people who are in need of their company’s services go to the institution.

An owner at Meta may want to pull a list of specific services relating to a certain area, like auto services, so that they can approach a company with a list of potential customers to buy. I created a Lead List Generator userform that contains a listbox of brochure options that the customer may have selected. The owner could select all services relating to a certain business in the userform and then in the worksheet it compiles a list of all of those customers and their contact information that want those specific services and which of all the services selected they would like. This will make it easy for META to compile a list of potential customers to sell to the businesses.

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