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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Red River Medical Reporting

 (Names, locations, and data have all been changed for privacy purposes)

One of my primary responsibilities is to manage all of the reporting for the company.  Red River Medical is a distributorship of orthopedic surgical devices and implants for a parent company called Sandex.  Red River Medical is in Las Vegas, NV and covers territories in Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona.  One of the challenges Red River Medical faces is working with two independent supply chain systems.  Much of the financial and operation reporting done is used to reconcile and verify information is correct between the two systems.  Other reports are used to calculate commission dollars for sales reps of Red River Medical, sales data, revenue, inventory, and quotas.

My first responsibility was to learn the different reports that were needed and used by the inventory department and the owner’s of the company.  All of the reports are done in Excel, and I quickly realized that the current method of doing reports was extremely inefficient.  While taking the IS 520 class I have applied different VBA concepts to reporting and have made drastic improvements in just a couple months.

The following reports are reports I have created or modified using VBA since being hired in January:

  • ·      Daily Report
  • ·      Commission Report
  • ·      Monthly Purchased Instruments
  • ·      Percent to Quota
  • ·      Red River Focus Groups YTD

    These different reports use VBA to copy data from downloaded csv files from the parent company database and paste it and organize it on the report templates that have been built.  There are also sub procedures used to organize different types of data into tables and charts to make it easier to read and understand.

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