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Monday, December 9, 2013

LDS ICS Monthly Metric Report

The LDS church’s Physical Facilities Portfolio IT Team deals with all IT applications for the church’s facilities worldwide. Their main application, Facilities Management Asset Tool (FMAT), is an in house developed web application used to track the majority of the information the church uses to maintain their facilities. Each month the head of the IT Team reports to an executive committee on how the Physical Facilities Portfolio is doing with all of their applications’ maintenance and upkeep with a large emphasis on FMAT because of its importance. However, the IT Team does not have any type of reporting tools to monitor maintenance. Up until now they have just been counting the number of tickets they have open, and how many they closed during the month by running a simple query on Team Foundation Server (TFS) which is where all of the submitted tickets for their applications are stored. 
For my Final project I created an automated Excel Spreadsheet that interfaced with TFS, and pulled down all the ticket information about the applications managed by the Physical Facilities Portfolio. The report then iterates through each ticket and based on different key indicators the ticket is sorted and data is collected.  The data is then printed into tables, and the following graphs are dynamically created:
·         Number of Issues Opened and Resolved/Production per Month (FMAT Only)
·         FMAT Tickets Current State
·         Issues per application (Month only)
·         Uptime Past 13 Months
·         Tickets completed within SLA (All Applications)
·         Tickets completed within SLA (FMAT Only)
·         Tickets Resolved/Production per week (8 weeks/All applications)
·         Tickets Resolved/Production per week (8 weeks/FMAT Only)
·         P1’s Resolved during month
These graphs provide the needed information to be able to effectively track the state of each application, and how quickly submitted tickets are being resolved. 

This not only provides metrics that the head of the Physical Facilities Portfolio has never had before, but it also pulls down the data automatically and dynamically creates up-to-date graphs. 

--Devin Cope

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