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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Batch File System

Cash refund process at BYU could take days until decision is finalized mainly because refund request is written down on a hard copy paper, and the paper goes to several people for tedious checks and evaluations. Recently, BYU adopted a program called Informatica to automate most of the tedious steps of the refunding process. The program works fine besides the fact that it does not support files that have .xls (excel) extension. When a new refund request is submitted in .xls file, people have to manually convert .xls file to .csv file to run the file in the program. I was asked to write a batch system with VBA to convert however many .xls files to .csv files with few clicks of mouse.

As a proposal, I committed to add the following user cases to the batch system:

  1. Employee sees a friendly GUI that takes almost no train to use.
  2. Employee selects a list of files or a file from a folder and displays the file(s) in the GUI.
  3. Employee selects a specific file or all of the files listed in the GUI for conversion
  4. Program produces a log after the conversion process is finished.
  5. Employee is alerted when the selected files aren’t converted properly.
  6. Program downloads attachments of emails and lists the files in the GUID and put them in the default folder.
  7. Employee searches a specific file from the list of the uploaded files by typing in the input box.

Converting each .xls file to .csv is very tedious and is definitely susceptible to human errors. Using this program will enhance the work time and the productivity.

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