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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Executive Summary - Brent Ray

Brent Ray
ISYS 520

Executive Summary

I am currently the Accounting Manager at my company, and one of my responsibilities entails creating the financial statements in excel. We are currently using QuickBooks, but it was improperly structured; so I must export the trial balances of the company into an excel spreadsheet, and then manually create the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement (with accompanying spreadsheets that were used to build the cash flow statement). The auditors have also asked that I color code the trial balances so they are easy to look at and understand. In addition to the colors, the sides of each line item will have some type of descriptor (e.g. cash, accounts receivable, etc.). I want this process, the descriptors, to remain manual. VBA code will use these descriptors to create the financial statements, and it will be much easier to have the user classify each line item manually instead of having VBA look at the trial balance to determine if anything new was added and how to classify it.

This quarterly task usually takes me several days to create and adjust so that the resulting financial statements can gain the stamp of approval from the auditors. My desire is to automate most of this process so at most I have to click on a few buttons and the majority of the financial statements will “magically” appear. The code also needs to make appropriate changes based on the year inputted and the quarter. For example, if “2” was entered as the quarter, then the income statement should have “Quarter Ended June 30” instead of “September 30” for example.

It took 2,676 lines of code to be able to implement my solution

Quarterly Statement - use when you hit the Extract button

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