These are projects posted by the students of Dr. Gove Allen at Brigham Young University. These students have taken one semester-long course on VBA and generally have had no prior programming experience

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Financial Planner/Projector by Derek Parker

Executive Summary:

Many people do not effectively manage their personal finances. For some it is due to their lack of keeping a budget. For others it is because they can’t see the big picture and how it all plays together. Financial security in retirement, for example, doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of a lifetime of financial decisions. In addition to a lack of planning, ignorance of any kind of financial planning software prohibits many from delving into their finances. I wanted a tool which was very user-friendly and could be effectively used by people with no knowledge of Excel.

My project is a financial planning and projecting tool which can be used to see the big picture of your financial decisions over a long period of time or used to build a budget one year out. For example, you can input your information to reflect the way you are currently living and see where those habits will get you five, ten, fifty, or more years down the road (long-term). This tool can also be used to calculate a budget for a single year at a time (short-term). The output of the tool is detailed enough to allow you to scrutinize over individual expenses, or just look at the bottom line when all is said and done.

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