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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Investment Analysis Calculator

Executive Summary


I have a friend that works in the oil and gas industry, where they market natural gas and crude oil. They use hedges to protect against the volatility of the market for such commodities. One problem they have is that the market reacts so fast to different stimuli that to calculate all of the variables and make a decision to sell of hold is very difficult. Their current software is not very user friendly and is not performing as they would like. I decided to create a simple, easy-to-use VBA model that would compare certain criteria, established by the user, against current market data and give a decision. This program was to be the basis for a piece of software that I could take to market and sell to the companies in the oil and gas industry. However, when I contacted my friend to get the criteria that they use, I was told that it was proprietary and due to confidentiality reasons I would not be able to acquire what indicators they used to base their investment decisions. As I took a second look at what I wanted to create, I realized that the VBA model I wanted to build could also be used to compare stocks, bonds, ETFs, and other commodities.

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