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Thursday, December 9, 2010

EQProgram: Automating the Ministry

A current business that I am involved in is the business of saving souls, and specifically the souls of the Elders in my ward. The first obstacle I wanted to overcome is the length of time it takes to email or text everyone in the quorum. Often, when someone needs help moving or needs a visit on short notice, we have to look up phone numbers and call people individually or send text messages, especially if we actually need someone to show up! This program allows the user to send mass emails and more importantly, mass text messages to anyone listed on the roster. This saved me a lot of time already when reminding people of an upcoming activity.

Also, there are two reoccurring topics that are discussed often. They are home teaching and priesthood meeting attendance. Often when discussing someone who is struggling, we first look to see if they are attending their meetings and if they are being home taught. This program allows you to keep records of this information. You can also search for individual people to generate a report. It provides a single location for us to store all this information instead of looking at old attendance records and home teaching reports. Overall, my program allows me to communicate easier with members of the quorum and track home teaching and attendance history in one place.

EQProgram Write Up

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