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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

EFTPS Time Saver by Devin Davidson

Executive Summary

Like many other students and employees, I do what I can to avoid time-consuming, mind-numbing activities. One such type of activity is paying payroll taxes for the small business for which I perform payroll duties. A typical Thursday afternoon I could be found clicking through the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System website for up to 15 minutes entering information piece by piece as I navigate through the payment submission process. Often, I finished only needing to return to the beginning to repeat the proces again to process additional payments. This project attempts to automate this work.

The program I have written first accepts login credentials from the user, then logs into the EFTPS website. It then retrieves options from the webpage and asks the user to input all of the payment information in a second user form. This allows all of the payment information to be entered using only one form and saved for later entry into the website. When the form is saved, a number of data checks are run on the inputs to ensure that the program can run without throwing an error from the website. The program then navigates through the system, entering the relevant information where necessary. When all of the information is entered, the program displays the confirmation page from the webpage and asks the user to verify the information. If it is correct, the payment is submitted and the user has the option to make another payment or quit. If the information is incorrect, the user can re-enter the information. After the payment is submitted, the information is saved into the Excel workbook along with the confirmation number from the EFTPS website and then Internet Explorer is closed. The program typically only takes about 1 minute to run, depending on the speed of the internet connection.

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