These are projects posted by the students of Dr. Gove Allen at Brigham Young University. These students have taken one semester-long course on VBA and generally have had no prior programming experience

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Job Application Automator - Chris Fisher

Executive Summary

Over the past year and continuing into next year I will have applied to hundreds of jobs online. Nearly every time I have to repeat the same tasks and even keystrokes on very similar, if not the same, user interfaces. My intention is to make the process of applying to jobs online more automated. The code ebgins with a user form to collect all necessary information (the user only has to do this once, and all information/links are then stored in the workbook) and then transfers that information to a website. The subroutine is intentionally left short of being fully automated. I don't want it to run through the usual confirmation page because that would cause some obvious problems and allows the user to check everything that was entered before submitting. The whole idea behind this project is to decerase the amount of time it takes to repeatedly key in the same information for every website.

The system essentially collects all of the user's information that is typically asked for in an online job application. It then allows the user to easliy transfer that information to any online application form.

Project Write-up
Excel File

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