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Thursday, December 9, 2010

REIC Membership Batch Report

Executive Summary:

One of the weaknesses at REIC involves the flow of information. By the time management gets information about transaction totals it is too late to adjust strategies and budgets reliant on the expectation of certain revenue amounts. Management has mentioned that reports outlining the production of the company would greatly improve the decisions they make in marketing and strategy meetings.

After speaking with management and working through various issues I thought that it would be a great idea to create a sub procedure that would automate the creation of these daily reports. I could the present to management on a daily basis a summary report outlining the previous day’s sales transaction volume and amount of revenue to enter our account in the next few days.

This sub procedure uses passwords to access the merchant account in order to print reports outlining each daily batch. I used a form in my code for the user to enter passwords and usernames and use that information to gain access to the account. I also placed links for the user to access if they forgot their username or password. Once in the account the procedure export the data into excel and create a uniform report outlining the daily transactions. This sub procedure will perform these steps for multiple accounts since we use several accounts for different products. We run all transactions through but you will be directed to the appropriate account by inserting the username information for the account you would like to access.

I then want the sub procedure to consolidate all of the daily information into one summary sheet I can use to share with our CFO detailing each day’s revenue transactions. This sheet will be used to have a high level view of all transactions. This sheet can be used to also track the payment receipt into our account from the transactions made earlier in the week.

The main purpose of this sub procedure will be to automate reports I make on a daily basis. These reports will be consolidated into a summary report used to provide more information to management. These reports will strive to improve the decisions made by top management.

Project write-up

Excel file

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