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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Comparable Company Analysis and the WACC

At Zions Bank, I would periodically recalculate the enterprise value of companies in the current investment portfolio.  To arrive at an accurate value for each firm I would perform two types of valuation (1) discounted cash flow analysis and (2) comparable company analysis.  Comparable company analysis is one of the most used and most important types of valuation that a firm can perform because it takes into account current market conditions.  It provides a solid framework to discover what the market is willing to value the firm at by comparing it to the value of its peers. 

This program walks the user through the process of performing the important function of valuing any company by using comparable company analysis.  It also calculates the weighted average cost of capital; a key component in discounting cash flows.  The program takes up-to-date market data from of the web and user inputs from the user to accomplish these two important valuation functions.  


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